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Hi. I’m Megan :)


All my life I’ve loved all things fashion. The touch and texture of various fabrics, the lines of a classic cocktail dress, how the right pattern or color can make a piece pop, and how just the right accessory can compliment an outfit so perfectly.


Almost twenty years ago, when I was a teenager, I scribbled out a rough business outline for my own clothing boutique and like so many dreams of ours, life got busy and I had to put my dream on hold. Marriage, motherhood, and home ownership still take up a considerable amount of my time, but my life has steadied to a point where I’ve found my rhythm and I knew it was time to revisit my dream. 


I’ve always believed in following your dreams, being an empowered mother and woman who marches to her own beat, and entrepreneurial spirit. As the sole owner of Denim Willow, I am proud to be completely independent, free to source whatever clothes catch my eye. I seek out the latest trends, while remaining true to classic, timeless fashions, and provide all my items at an affordable price point.


Whether you’ve stumbled upon my company purely by accident, or if we’ve met at an event and you’re back to purchase more, I’m so happy you’re here!


xxoo Megan

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